Tarta della nonna. £3.95.
Merci bien, here's your change.
Would you like anything else?
Beau garcon. Mamma mia!
Isn't he cute? He's a twink!
Not South of Houston, my dear;
it's North of Thames, can't you see?
Will you serve me,...? Latte, please.
Pedro! Un café con leche,
sit, I'll bring it to your table.
No, thanks, it's to take away.
Ectasy? Hash? Minicab?
Come on, my friend! Spare some change!
Look at that thing made of rubber;
wouldn't you like to see, mate,
my mother-in-law in it?
What a body! What a babe!
Isn't that Joshua's boyfriend?
Who's he with tonight, the slapper?
With such an old fashioned haircut!
Flowers, boys?
Want some company tonight?
We do have a choice of girls.
Or you'd prefer a transvestite?
Do you believe in life after love?
I know, mate, so many pansies in here.
Guten Aben, Ich bin Jorg.
Nice to meet you, this is Wong,
he's a prostitute as well.
Sometimes I work as a model,
my friend is a lady boy.
Cycle faster, rain is pouring,
take me to Tottenham Court Road.
We don't get these things in Russia.
Answer your damned mobile phone!
That's cheap, aye? You can't beat it,
but beer stinks, and we have lost,...
send them homewards to think again.
There's Patisserie Valerie,
that's a good Italian there,
they play jazz around the corner,
and that's where they put the bomb.
Tortellini? Scalopini?
Feta salad? Crèpes? Paella?
Cous cous? Spring rolls? Sushi? Satay?
Beef panang? Or English breakfast?
Should we have burger tonight?
Or hot dogs from the street vendor?
Don't fuck with me! Bloody nigger!
Excuse me, sir,
where can I find the O bar?
I'll just pop in for some condoms.
Don't forget Boyz magazine,
and get the flyers for Heaven,
it's four pounds before eleven.
Isn't that...? Oh, yes!
And that...? Yes, that's her!
Living la vida loca.
It's really packed! Mamma mia!
Wasn't it fabulous darling?
Indeed, it was a great show.
Ectasy? Hash? Minicab?
Want some company tonight?

Ernesto Sarezale, 2000-2004