Uneasy for I canít reach
to pull out your erect penis
from the dark depths of your throat,
I grovel to tease your ear
that palpitates on your chest,
to hear, ear to ear,
the flow of sperm through your veins.
Intricate twist to caress
your legs flexed around your neck.
Black rancid pleasure to swallow
the saliva from your anus.
I remove the Sellotape
that sticks your tongue to my hair.
You climax when I pluck out
teeth and toenails from your navel.
Now I can release your armpits
and embrace your intestines.
Protected sex in your womb,
rubber and sweat in your tripe.
We gracefully blend our fists
in this lovely exchange of flesh.
How strange to be born again
through such convoluted labour.

© Ernesto Sarezale, 2006