Letís not undress. Letís wait.
    Letís kiss in our tuxedos.
    Letís let the fabrics highlight
    our muscles in legs and arms,
    our buttocks, trim in our pants,
    our pecs, shaved under our shirts.
    Letís frolic and sweat in velvet.
    Letís pretend our bow ties are
    an extension of our strokes.

    Letís not undress. Letís sweat.

    Now that the crowd is gone,
    and weíre alone at last,
    letís explore each otherís smile.
    Our faces flushed, our muscles gripped.
    No need to shout it. No need to hurry.
    We have proof of our desire
    when we rub zipped fly against zipped fly.

    Letís kiss as though weíd never kissed before.

    The partyís over, the lights are off,
    the cameramen are gone,
    the microphones canít capture
    our loud moaning.
    There are no spectators.
    Itís all for our eyes only.
    And we can wait. We know.

    Letís wait until tomorrow.

    We know because we did
    perform our duties well
    this morning when we met
    at work for the first time.
    We know how big our cocks are.
    We know our firm nipples match,
    we know our arse holes can accommodate
    because weíve already sucked each other
    and fucked each other
    and come over each otherís chest,
    arses shot from awkward angles,
    cum shots taken from below
    and above, from the side, Ö
    close-ups of our shaven balls.
    It was an anodyne plot.

    Letís not undress now.

    We saw it at first sight,
    before we took our clothes off.
    Something they never saw.
    They wonít see it tomorrow.
    We are professionals, you know.
    But when the scene is over,
    our uniforms ripped off,
    each otherís semen mixed
    with sweat and grease,
    weíll share a kiss
    if no oneís peeking in the showers.

    Letís sweat. Letís kiss. Letís wait.

    We must behave tomorrow.
    And weíll not need a fluffer,
    thatís for sure.
    Whatever happens now,
    we know that weíll perform.
    And weíll pretend that we pretend
    when we appear lustful on the set.
    Letís not undress. Letís wait.