Hair by hair, he scalps your chest,
your armpits and your pubes.
Pore by pore, he pulls your skin,
which disciplined comes off.
Drop by drop, all over you
his incandescent sperm.

Your body, stripped of hair and skin,
lies trembling in his hands.
His lacerating strokes
arouse your exposed limbs and lips.

He licks and excites your eye-bulbs,
opens your mouth with his nails,
nails new steel teeth to your gums,
unlocks your ribs, scratching them,
fiddles and plays with your veins,
which are unrolled, like purple threads,
to stitch new shiny rubber limbs
to your old amputated trunk.

He's left your nipples intact:
he wants to squeeze them, nip them, clamp them.
He penetrates your ears:
you're deaf to moans and sobs and sighs.

New micro-fibre skin,
new fabricated flesh,
cannot resist his forceful lust.
He flogs, firms up, your inflamed flesh
with whips made of your streams of blood.
Your blood steam rises and he blows
a charred tear smashed against the bed.

Hair by hair, pore by pore,
drop by drop, limb by limb,
tear by tear you both rejoice
this mess of plastic guts.

E. Sarezale, 2000

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